Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holidays

WOW Christmas went fast, eh? The snow came fast and time went faster. We had a lovely 21 inches of snow at our house not to mention the 4 ft snow drifts from the wind. It trapped us and we were unable to join the rest of the family for Christmas celebrations on Christmas eve. We were all very disappointed but it just wasnt possible. We stayed home safe and warm, made cookies for Santa and just enjoyed each other company (after the tears stopped)

Christmas day we had a great time, my sister and brothers family suprised us with a visit. They all have big vehicles so they made it thru the snow without trouble till they got to our driveway. OH MAN!

Our neighbor brought out his bobcat and plowed our driveway well enough that would could finally get out. (we were seriously out of things like milk and bread.

We have a lot to be thankful for this season. Ron is nearly recovered and has been given the ok to return to work! He will start out part time and I know he is looking forward to getting out. I cant image what it has been like for him.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Being thankful

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, we certainly did. While fixing dinner for Ron's family this year I had time to reflect and remind myself we have much to be thankful for. Things have been rough and we continue to struggle with health issues and everyday worries we also have to count our blessings. Family, friends, talented doctors, medication and the grace of God.

There has been many times in the last 4 months that I have questioned the reason this is happening to us. I have decided that the answer is "why not us?" It could be worse and it seems as though our prayers have been answered. Ron continues to improve everyday. He still struggles with pain and swelling. His PIC line came out on Thanksgiving morning. (We joked that the option care nurses just work on holidays so they can make the rounds on yummy food all over the county) The IV antibiotics worked and his wounds have all healed over and are scabs now. (gross I know) He is now using an air cast to help stabilize his foot while walking, in the hopes that the limping will subside and he has more support. His blood sugars have been under control and he dropped his A1C (that's an average blood sugar test for a 6 week period) from a 14 back in August to a 7 just last week. AMAZING!

The girls have both been sick and are currently on antibiotics, steroids, and breathing treatments. When they get a basic cold it goes straight to the lungs and flares up their asthma. Amaris has missed 3 days of school and Madeliene missed 5. Both seem to be on the mend now after battling it for almost 3 weeks. The doctors want them both on a preventive medication for the winter and made sure they both had their flu shots.

Ron's mom is in the hospital after having shoulder replacement surgery. She did very well and is expected to come home tomorrow or Friday. Ron's brother Randy and I have made a deal that he will supply the food and I will make the meals so they don't have to worry about cooking. I know that it was a huge concern for her that she wouldn't be able to fix Richard meals for a week or so after she gets out of the hospital. Its not much trouble to just fix a little extra and send it on down the road. They have helped out so much in the last 4 months its my pleasure to return the favor.

My mom is selling her house and has decided not to decorate her place for the holidays so she has donated her Christmas decorations to us. We had lived in an apartment for 9 years and never had the opportunity to decorate outside so it has been fun for us all to put up lights (yes that means me on a ladder) and I even put garland around the poles on the porch. We have an artificial tree and we put that up last night. I even got my scrap booking/stamping stuff out and made Christmas cards.

Have a great week!