Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its a new year, we have new dreams!

Happy New Year! My resolution is to not make a resolution but rather focus on the goals I hoped to achieve last year but was focused more on school and the health of Ron. Speaking of which, he has been released to go back to work part-time and light duty. He is doing physical therapy to strengthen his muscles and his leg. While you sit for 5 months something happens to your body. Can you imagine?!?!?!
I will be going back to school in the spring, hopefully by then Ron will be fully recovered and busy with his catering stuff. I would like to start a water aerobics class to get into shape, anyone want to join me? I hate to do those things alone and think thats one of the reasons I dont stay commited or even start. Its nice to have a friend there to encourage you and give words of praise.
The girls have been busy. Madeliene started color guard and Amaris is doing mini cheer camp. Madeliene did it when she was in elementary school and really enjoyed it, as I am sure Amaris will as well.
Today the U.S swore in the 44th president and made history. As I watch the Inauguration I was inspired by his hope for our country but am still so worried, he has certainly got his work cut out for him huh?
We are preparing our list of seeds to order for the garden this spring, I cant wait to plant again. There is a few things I will change and a few more veggies I would like to add. Anyone want to put in a request? :)