Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer starts early around here

The girls (and admittedly myself) have a serious case of SUMMER FEVER! The weather has been more than great! School is almost over, in fact Amaris graduates from kindergarten this week. Her offical last day is Wednesday. She will go to school Thursday but only for the award ceremony and a little reception afterwards. She has asked Dad to make her favotire chocolate chip banana muffins to share with everyone at the reception. He of course said yes.
We have the garden completely planted and all the starts and seeds are thriving. This year we have 2 kinds of cucumber, broccoli, califlower, early and late green cabbage, brussel sprouts, 6 varieties of tomato, radish, pole and bush beans, corn, potatoes, pumpkins and a sunflower garden.
We wanted to be able to afford a pool this year, since we bought the trampoline last summer there is a new toy needed to keep the girls busy durning the summer. Because Ron has been out of work since his leg injury we just knew the money would be tight so thought a $400 investment on a outdoor toy would be out of the question. Well I am a loyal craigslist reader and just happen to stumble across an older couple in Sedro Woolley who were selling everything needed for a summer of pool fun for only $60 bucks. This included everything from a 18x42 pool, ground cover, security cover, ladder, 4 huge blow up floats, and about $80 dollars worth of chemicals and filters to keep the pool in perfect running order all summer. Seems their teenage kids decided after just one summer a full size in ground pool was in order so their trash was our families treasure! We have it set up and oh my it has gotten so much use in just this week than I thought it would. The girls came home from school everyday last week and jumped in their swim suits! We had out of town guests this weekend and at one point we had 5 teenage girls and 3 kids under 7 in there at one time. Enjoy some of the first pics I took of the girls enjoying themselves

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