Monday, June 8, 2009

Gotta love baby chicks

I forgot to mention in my last few posts we have some new members of the family.....Baby chicks. Ok they are not really BABIES anymore, more like teenagers. Just what I need 12 more teenagers. Seriously tho they can be moody and a little snappy sometimes.
Early this year we decided we wanted to get some chickens. Not boiler chickens as we dont plan on eating them, just the eggs. We purchased 6 white leghorns and 6 brown sexlinks. The names of the chickens available "cracked" me up. But it is what it is. They are just a few weeks away from laying their first eggs.
Ron built the chicken coop and my gosh it turned out nice. The girls wanted him to just build them another coop cuz they had settled in while the babies were still in the brooding box and wanted to use it as a playhouse.

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