Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of school Sept 2009

I have just sent Madeliene and Amaris on their way to school. Madeliene is in 7th grade and Amaris is now a full-time 1st grader!
The summer seemed to go by so fast but I think it was because it started so early. School wasn't even out for the summer and we were breaking record high temps.
Ron started back to work after being off for nearly a year due to his leg injury. Would you believe that thing is still not completely healed? He still has a wound on the exploratory incision on his calf. It gives him trouble from time to time but he is a trooper. Ron is now the kitchen/deli manager at The Markets LLC in Birch Bay. He loves it and they love him.
We had a few camping trips and last weekend we went to Oregon with my sister and mom. We stayed in a hotel and went school shopping tax free. I don't think I have shopped for 9 hours EVER! Our feet hurt so bad by the end of the day we all bought slippers to wear on the ride back to the hotel.
The girls are playing another season of soccer, my only soccer free day is Friday and Sunday cuz the girls have practice on opposite days.
Val and Urijah moved back from Maryland just a few weeks ago so we have spent a lot of time with them just catching up and enjoying the last part of the summer. We went camping together and had a great time.

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